Susie Henderson: A Rewritten
Author and Artist

So who is this Susie Henderson, and what makes her “rewritten”? And what does that have to do with you?

I’m going to switch to talking as myself here, because it just seems weird not to. First and foremost I am an author. My spirit shrivels if I don’t write often enough. Fiction is my first love, but only one of many.

I adore many creative things: writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic design, music, dance, photography. I know, quite the creative geek. But I come by it honestly. It runs in my family.

I am also passionate about helping others. I enjoy it more than I ever imagined I would.

One of the things I most hope to do is help the visitors who come to this site. My deepest desire is that I can encourage you to be who you really want to be, whether it's a stay-at-home mom or dad, a renowned author, an artist extraordinaire, an astronaut or anything in between.

So, what is it I mean when I say I’ve been rewritten? And how does that help you?

Well, let me tell you a story… one that has taught me plenty that I hope I can share with you through this Susie Henderson website, through my art, through my writing of fiction, non-fiction, and my blog.

Happy Birthday, Susie Henderson,
You Have Cancer

A few years ago, we got to follow our dreams and move to southwest Colorado. We built our own house (not something I recommend to most people!!) and settled in a year later. I was supposed to be working on selling my first novel and other writing projects.

But I had a lump in my breast. One I’d ignored through the building process because “we had too much else going on.”

Right away, I’ll tell you not to ignore something like this. I don’t care if there’s no family history of breast cancer, it’s so prevalent now, that doesn’t matter. I had a mammogram (as if that would tell us anything) an ultrasound and a needle biopsy. We talked to a thoughtless surgeon, who terrorized us before we even had a diagnosis. We talked to an narrow-minded oncologist a few days later who was “here for you, no matter what. You have to keep a positive attitude.”

“I want to try alternatives,” I said.

“Alternatives never work,” she said. That was positive.

I haven’t seen either of those aggressive, non-compassionate, conventional MDs since. Nor do I ever intend to again.

Instead, I happened to find out that we have a world-class clinic in my small town that treats cancer patients naturally, gently, with alternatives to conventional medicine’s nasty, often-lethal mix of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

As I rewrite this page, I am now five-and-a-half years into my journey, and what a journey it’s been!

The Journey of Susie Henderson

To say I’ve learned a lot would be a gross understatement. I’ve completely transformed who I am.I almost don't feel like I'm "Susie Henderson" anymore. At least not the one I was a few years ago.

I am rewritten - a new me, a new story, a new life. So many things go into creating cancer within anyone, and trying to solve the puzzle of why takes time, effort and dedication.

I haven’t yet had a completely clear set of tests. I think I’m getting close, but I’m not done. I won’t ever be done.

Why? Because this is my journey, my life. I have to try to find the path I’m supposed to follow every day. And while parts of it are clear and easy to see, parts of it are obscured.

I know I need to write. Every day, if possible. Fiction first, then non-fiction. I know I also need to practice my various artistic outlets: the drawing, painting, designing, sewing, sculpting, photography. All of these things feed my spirit, keep it alive and well. And without a fulfilled spirit, I would die.

Writing is like breathing to me. When I stop doing it, I die. Literally. Cancer came upon me when I had stopped writing because life was getting in the way. You better believe it that I pay much closer attention to what I’m doing with my time, and also allowing myself time to just be - not do.

But how does that lead to helping you?

How Susie Henderson’s Discoveries
Can Help You

What I'd like most is to get to know my Susie Henderson website visitors well enough that I can provide them with what they need to solve the problems and frustrations in their lives. If that's instruction and resources on how to write a novel (or ten), I'm on it. If it's resources and classes on the form of art you like to dabble in, I'll find those, too.

If it's a friend who can give you an ear and share what she's learned through her own rough times in order to help you get through yours, I'm there for you.

I want to entertain you with my fiction. Teach you with my non-fiction. Help you see beauty in your own way with my art. So how do these tie into the incredible journey I’ve been on?

For starters, the things I’ve learned to help me get well and stay that way are things I write about. My blog will touch both on creative issues and living issues. After all, if I’m not healthy, I can’t write... or paint or draw or... help you.

My natural health non-fiction books are specifically aimed at telling about the things I’ve learned and done while dealing with this dreadful disease. How important wholesome foods are to your health. How necessary it is to deal with your stress and emotional issues in order to heal and be well.

I also have a non-fiction book series planned full of novel writing tips and tricks, if being a writer is one of your dreams.

Oddly enough, I have found a lot of “secrets” to good health and fulfilling life sneaking into my fiction. For years! Long before cancer reared it’s ugly head in my face, I was writing things I “knew” without realizing this was a deeper, soul-knowledge or life-knowledge I was madly typing into my novels.

None of it’s blatant. It’s just accidentally slipped into the stories themselves. A better way of including those things than planning to weave them in deliberately.

So, while you’re entertained, you’ll also find snippets of things that I’ve learned that
can help you. Healthier ways to eat. Gentler ways to treat yourself. Ways to learn to
love yourself.

It’s my wish that my art will inspire you, uplift you, challenge you to do the things you really want to do. Not just some ho-hum 9-to-5 job you don’t really like. Reach for what’s hiding inside you. Bring it out into the light. Don't worry what others think of what you're doing. Just be you!

I hope, along the way as I draw, paint or write, that I can help you be rewritten, if that is your desire and need.

With gratitude to all my fans,

P.S. I’d love to know who my fans are, so I can help them better. I put together a short survey, and I hope you’ll take the time to share bit of you with me.

Or, if you're one of my novel writing readers, drawn to the How to Write a Novel section of this website, you can fill out my Novel Writing Readers survey, instead. I really do want to do my best by you, and that's what my surveys help me do!


A Note: July 3, 2016

I want to apologize for the lack of anything new on my Susie Henderson website for so long. I am currently recovering from a very rough year. Five-and-a-half years, actually.

I am still trying to heal from stage four breast cancer and have low energy most days. I will update as many parts of this site as I can whenever I have the energy to do so.

Please be patient as I find my way back to full health. You are welcome to contact me, but it is unlikely I’ll be up to replying for awhile, yet. I very much appreciate you stopping by my site, however! Thank you for helping me keep going.

New! Susie Henderson Website Sections

Since I have now moved the How to Write a Novel website here in its entirety, I wanted to make an easy way for you to know you were in the section you wanted to be in on my Susie Henderson website. Therefore, I now have each section identified with its own unique "topper" image, and separate navigation, if needed. (The How to Write a Novel site is over 100 pages, so it has its own navigation in the left column on each page.)

The main portion of the site, where I give information about being a good author in various genres (including non-fiction ones) along with information about my wide variety of projects, has no separate topper, since the web banner is at the top. The rest have their own mini "toppers" to help you find your way.

Here are the various sections (and the new ones coming) and what their "toppers" look
like. There are links to the sections in the text below each image, if you want to go check
them out.

This the the section all about How to Write a Novel. It currently has about 130 pages of great information to get you started novel writing. I will write new pages as I have time, including (I hope) a section about publishing - once I know enough about it to help you
at all!

As always, feel free to let me know how I can help you with novel writing tips and resources by contacting me.

This is my blog titled Be Rewritten. There I will be posting articles about how to learn
to be yourself and shake off your old bad habits - the ones that are detrimental to you,
your health and a happy, fulfilled life. It's small, yet, but I hope to start posting weekly
very soon.

This is The Shop section. It only has the Bookshop and Freebie Shop posted, yet, but the Art Shop, the Gift Shop, and the main Shop pages will be up soon, and hopefully also soon filled with great resources, fun gift items and things that will benefit you. Be sure to tell me what else you'd like to see so I can try to find sources!

This section is about one of my favorite hobbies: bird banding. If you're into birds or are an avid birder, I hope to put fun information for you here on the varieties of birds I see and work with.

I also hope to add a Bird Shop in the Shop section, if there is enough interest in birding accessories and gear. So let me know if enough of you are bird crazy like me to add that!

My Artist Studio, which is up, but only the first page so far, will be about art, in its many forms. What I enjoy doing, what you might enjoy doing, what others I know are doing. I plan to have pages about the various forms I practice, and will be happy to post (or have you help me post) about forms you like to practice.

Durango, Colorado, where I live, is a lively art community. Because of this, and because I know a few of those artists, I also intend to have an area where local artists and their work are showcased in this section of my Susie Henderson website, with some of their creations for sale in my Art Shop.

Watch for this exciting addition to my site to be included soon!

The final section, also not up yet, is Durango Colorado. Why is this a section on my site? Because it's where I live and it's a really cool place. I want to help you "get away" for a few minutes, at least, to one of the best places on earth you can live.

The topper says "Durango Colorado Online" because I used to have an entire website about it. But I couldn't keep up with multiple sites and I couldn't find good ways to make money with that one, so...

I will be posting some of the interesting and fun stuff about my hometown in this section (it will be found under the "About" button in the top navigation bar), along with lots of great photos (most of which, if they're high enough quality will end up in the Art Shop as cards, calendars or prints).

Have fun browsing, and come back often to see what's new!

About typos: I have people notify me occasionally about typos they see on my websites. I WELCOME such notice, since I write fast, and all my programs now self-correct (usually incorrectly). So feel free to contact Susie Henderson if you see something. BUT... don't be vague and say "I saw a typo on your site." That won't help me at all. Tell me the URL of the page it's on (not what the page is about, please) and the paragraph on that page, plus specifically what's misspelled, or I'll never figure out what you saw. Thanks for helping me look as educated as I am!

(Another note: You can also point out grammar mistakes, but be forewarned; many of those are purposeful, and I won't change them. I write like I'm having a conversation on purpose, and that does not always include good grammar.)

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